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Yogi Bera said, “Baseball is 90% mental, and the other half is physical.”  Joshua Neitz clearly understands that concept, and was raised to over-deliver on both the mental and physical aspects of an active life. He was drafted by the Yankees in 2002 and played minor league baseball for 9 years.  He took action every day to realize that dream, and is confident that with the right mindset and motivation, mountains can be moved.


Joshua grew up in Tampa, Florida with an older sister and two loving and dedicated parents.  His Mom and Dad were so dedicated to family, that they purposely worked just enough to make ends meet so they could spend more time raising their children in an active, sports centered environment. This paid off big the day Joshua found out he was drafted by the Yankees. It was a dream come true, and emphasized the power that the traits of passion, commitment and a focus on family can provide.  They taught him to take action on what matters most, and Joshua continues to exercise those principles in his own life every day with his wife, Danielle and their young son, Syd.  


Throughout Joshua’s baseball years, he spent time with a few host families who worked in the real estate industry.  He loved having conversations with them about business, and felt a natural connection to the profession. He decided to invest in and renovate rental properties ,and for the first few years, he put every penny he made back into his business.  Now, he has built a portfolio which will sustain his family for years to come. In doing so, he learned once again that by simply taking action on your dream, you can shape your destiny. And that’s exactly why he is known as the ‘Action Agent’.


Today, Joshua takes action to help professionals & growing families focus on a smooth, stress-free, and solution oriented experience.  He’s recognized for helping growing families who are selling or seeking a home to better suit their current needs. Busy professionals appreciate his expert guidance and ability to take action on their behalf while they continue to work.  He’s also known for his action in real estate investing and renovations, and helping sellers prepare to sell fast and at full value. He’s especially skilled in creative problem solving and negotiations so his clients know every possibility is on the table. Having been raised with an honest work ethic and putting family first, he realizes the service he provides is much more than transactional.  


When Joshua isn’t active in the field helping others apply his own successful concepts, you can find him on the field, continuing to share his passion for sports and an active lifestyle.  He currently resides in St Pete, where he and Danielle are active on the travel front as well, showing Syd the same dedication and attention that helped him to realize his own dreams. Baseball isn’t the only thing that requires both physical and mental commitment.  Wherever you fully apply yourself, that field of dreams will always reap more than you sow. Especially when you plant the field for others.

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